HubSpot COS Website with WordPress Forum


I have a client that wants to move their WordPress website to the HubSpot COS, but the forum will have to stay on WordPress (sine HubSpot doesn’t offer this capability). Has anyone done this before? Any recommendations on how to make it seamless?


Hi Vmcgee

You can move your forum to a subdomain and keep it in WordPress e.g.

If you do that make sure you add the redirects in the HubSpot COS to point to to make sure your users (and Google) don’t get lost.

As far as I know (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) HubSpot COS can’t handle a redirect as part of a URL i.e. cannot be directed to another site without the URL changing.

Also, depending on how geeky you are, you can use WordPress Hooks from the Forum to push or pull data into HubSpot with the API (yes, I need to get out more).

Have fun


Thanks Mike! I like the idea of using We will be using the HubSpot APIs to pull/push data.