HubSpot CRM Integration App Logo is not getting updated



Hello HubSpot,

We have made some changes like Name, Description, and Logos to our CRM Integration App. The problem we are experiencing is with the App Logos. Following are the places where we are seeing the old logos even after we have updated new logos in our app:-

  • When a user tries to install the app, it is still showing up the old logo on ask permission step.

  • After installation completed, in the installed Integration section, it is showing the old logo.

  • Timeline Events - In timeline events, still the old logo is visible.

Can you please resolve this issue?


Timeline Events:

Following is the screenshot of logos that we have updated in our App:-

Thank you,
Subhash Kapil


Hi @Subhash,

Can you give me your app id so I can take a closer look?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

please find the app details below:-

App ID: 53074


Hi @Subhash,

I can see the images are properly updated in your settings, but when I check out a portal with your app installed I'm now seeing the updated logo images. If you're still experiencing this issue, could you send me the Hub ID of the portal where you're seeing the old logo images?


Hello @Derek_Gervais,

I have checked at my end the logo images are now have been updated, but still, there is one issue with the logo which I am experiencing is: when I try to authorize a new user it is showing a blurry logo image. I have attached a screenshot of the issue.

Thank you,
Subhash Kapil


Hi @Subhash,

What's the resolution of the image you're using? Is it possible that the image in your app settings isn't a high enough quality, and is being scaled up for this page?