Hubspot CRM integration with Switchvox Cloud PBX


We have a new Switchvox Cloud PBX. The Switchvox Cloud PBX has a web portal called the Switchboard that allows you to create custom “widgets”.

We aren’t programmers, but it appears that the Switchboard Widget is simply a “pane” in the Switchboard web portal. You can do some basic programming to pass a “Caller ID Name” variable to a URL, and it will pull the caller’s info up in the pane. We researched and found this web page in the Hubspot Developers site.

We programmed in the API authkey but can’t seem to get it to work. Below is the URL that we put together.�LLER_ID_NAME%&hapikey=

Anybody have any suggestions on how to get this to work?


Hi @davidtfg

The URL itself looks ok, do you have an example of what Switchvox would replace %CALLER_ID_NAME% with, or an example or an actual URL that Switchvox would have tried? Are you getting an error for this or is the Switchvox system expecting some other data type compared to what our APIs would return?


Here’s what the Switchboard looks like, it’s giving a different error now after deactivating the API key, but still gives you an idea. - Search for Switchboard Panel to find the section on how to create the widgets (formerly called Panels).