Hubspot CTAs not loading properly


Hi everybody,

I'm having some issues with Hubspot CTAs - we're developing a new website and the CTAs are not loading properly when opening/ refreshing a page.

As an example: - the first 2 CTAs 'Request a Call' and 'Get Started' are from Hubspot, the ones that you see in the header video.

The CTAs are not being loaded properly - they appear, disappear, flash and only after 1-2 sec they are totally loaded:

Any reasons why this might be happening?


As a quick comment, it seems that this happening transversally across the entire website, not only when I add the buttons over a header video.


Also, we tried to import a button without any style and we still had the same issue, we get this type of error:

Comments from our developer:
"I don't understand their response, basically, I created the simplest HTML file (there is no any additional JS) and added embed code from HubSpot, buttons are importing with flashing effect."

"You can look at embed code, it's importing image, after, it replacing by a text"

This is the CTA that we have been testing:

Get Started


Hi @nunosbpereira,

I'm not experiencing the behavior you're describing on this page. This screencast shows what I see at this time.

Are you able to reproduce the issue across browsers and internet connections?


Hi Isaac,

I'm sorry for wasting your time, we completed the migration yesterday and we had to change the buttons.

I have added the buttons here - -> the 2 first buttons are the ones from Hubspot.

It seems that the flashing is not that serious after publishing the website, but there's still a delay and the buttons seem to flash/ moving out of place very quickly 1-2 times.

This is the CTA that I'm using:

Request a Call

My developers are based in a different country and they also see the same thing as I do.



Hi @nunosbpereira,

Ah, I now see the behavior in question. Off the top of my head, I don't know what could be causing it, but I'll investigate further. What is your Hub ID?


Hi Isaac - here it is my ID: 4607834


Hi @nunosbpereira,

Apologies for the delayed response. I appreciate your patience while I've looked into this.

I have yet to identify the exact cause, but my leading theory is that the video's hidden "play" button is conflicting with the loading and positioning of the hero text and CTAs. Yesterday, I was able to get this circular play button to appear, but I'm no longer able to.

Would you mind creating a clone of this page with just an image in the place of the auto-playing video?


Hi Isaac,

Unfortunately, I don't have that option, but I added a Hubspot CTA to this page - - it's the 'Requestl a Call' button in the header. How does it look like to you?

From my side, it still takes a couple of milliseconds to display the right font or even to present its final "shape", which is unfortunately noticeable to the visitor.