HubSpot Dashboard Profile Urls Question


I’ve been playing around with the test Api for a few weeks now and I’m curious about one thing. I haven’t used HubSpot enough to know if the “app.” part of the dashboard url can be customized. And if so, can using “app.hubsp…” version redirect to the custom one?

Lots of CRMs use this type of custom url: e.g. I notice that most of these CRMs also have a http://app. version for trials or generic links. Some don’t, which means I need to request the subdomain up front from them so I can link to their data later.

The reason I ask is because I need to host a number of HubSpot users that will all have different accounts and I’d like to know if I can parse contact/company links ({{portalId}}/company/{{companyId}}/) that will work correctly for all users as they click on their contacts(basically, from my app to HubSpot so they can see the actual contact).


Hi @clintonskakun

HubSpot doesn’t currently support custom domains, so any links to the app will use, so you can use that domain whenever linking a specific customer to a specific recod in the portal. Outside of occasionally including -beta in some URLs (and we’ll automatically redirect customers based on whether or not they’re opted into the beta view), the URL for contacts or companies will be the same for any customer outside of using their Portal ID and the specific record ID they’re looking for.