Hubspot data to another application



How would you recommend getting hubspot data to another application?

I have 3 hubspot forms that are connected (redirected to next form after submit), these are not embeded or custom code but standard hubspot forms.
I want to get the hubspot data as JSON for the contacts filling the fields. The data i want to get from Hubspot will be used in my other application

There are some confusing answers here in the community, somewhere it looks like it works to capture the data to another applications and other places it looks like it doesnt work


Is it possible to get this data to our second application?


Hi @quicklunch, apologies for the confusion here. I can definitely see how the answers could be a bit contradictory. While this might be a lot of data to handle since webhooks will POST the entire contact as a payload to your endpoint and you have 3 forms so each contact submission would really be submitting 3 separate forms, you can use the solution that David and Jesse suggested with Workflow Webhooks. After each form submission, the entire contact payload will be sent to your servers, where you can then parse out the changed properties or the properties you're looking for. Let me know if I can clarify

Custom Form = Hubspot form

Hi Connor,

Thanks for your answer. Yes we were thinking about Webhooks. But first of all its a premium feature.

Secondly I wanted to ask - If the data was posted via webhook, is there any way to determine if it was a success or fail (form the other server)?

Also what is the latency here? Is this call instant, i.e. just after the form submission?


I would like to get answers on same

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi @manishdatabeat, @quicklunch. Yes workflow webhooks are only available to Marketing Enterprise (or Professional if you had accss prior to September). Workflow webhooks have the following logic for failures and retries To summarize:

  • 4xx response codes from the webhook result in an immediate failure, and a corresponding log event in the workflow history
  • 5xx response code from the webhook result in us retrying the webhook until we get either a 2xx or 4xx response
  • The exception to this is 429, which is a retry status code; for 429 we retry, and wait the amount of time that is specified in the response before trying again

There's no way to tell if there's a success, but if it fails, we'll log it to the workflow.

If the enrollment criteria for a workflow is that a contact fills out the form, the call should be near-instantaneous. Workflows can enroll up to 1000 contacts per second, so once the contact has been processed (a few seconds), they should be enrolled in the workflow and your webhook would be fired.