Hubspot database - contact owners



Hi. I am trying to link the contacts to their owners in the database. Using the available tables ( attached) this is not possible since there is no information about owners. However it's possible for deals, since deals have a hubspot_owner_id field.

How can I link contacts to their owners?

Ideally I would want another table which links the contacts to their owners, and would prefer not to go through the API route.


@Isaac_Takushi any ideas? I've been stuck on this for a while and no one at Hubspot seems to know the answer.


Hi @alexhubble,

How are you accessing those tables? Have you created your own database by fetching the relevant information through the various APIs?

The only way I know to link contacts to their owners is by first pulling the owners through this endpoint and passing the desired ownerId values for the hubspot_owner_id contact property in through this endpoint (or individually).


Hi @Isaac_Takushi. I am now trying to do this using the APIs. I've got the list of owners through the owners API, but can't see a hubspot_owner_id field anywhere in the contacts API. How do I extract the owner ID from the contacts API ?


Hi @alexhubble,

You can pull the values for the Contact owner property through the Contacts API by including property=hubspot_owner_id in the request URL.

For example, if you are using the Get all contacts endpoint, you would use:

If you are using the Get a contact by its vid endpoint, you would use:{vid}/profile?hapikey=demo&property=hubspot_owner_id

Any contact property can be pulled with the property parameter.