Hubspot database


Hi everyone,

We us the hubspot database for some of our website data such as regions, employees etc.

However, there has recently been a change in the database and we can no longer copy and paste in information keeping the formatting eg of titles in a different colour, size, font etc.

  • Is there a way to copy and paste text into the hubdb, keeping formatting?
  • If not, is there a way to format text in the hubdb to select header style?
  • Alternatively, are there plugins that will do this?

Thanks for your help!



Welcome, @aoifem.

To clarify, are you saying you used to be able to copy and paste text into a HubDB rich text cell and it would retain all previous styling, as if you had copied raw HTML (e.g. 22 pt, Comic Sans, color: green)?

If so, I personally haven't encountered this ability, but when would you say you first noticed the change in functionality?

I'm happy to check with the team to gain more insight into the change, but I have not found a way to maintain formatting beyond bold, italic, and underline text formatting. All colors and fonts would have to be added with CSS on a live page.

This in Microsoft Word:


Appears as this in my HubDB table:

Only the bold formatting remains, presumably because font, color, and size are not options in the HubDB rich text cell formatting modal.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,

Yes, previously I was able to copy in from other cells in the database and it would retain the formatting. I have added examples below.

I first noticed this change at couple of days ago.

Based on what you are saying, do you think something has changed in the CSS as opposed to the database? Potentially the colours and fonts were pulling through from the CSS?





Hi, @aoifem.

Apologies for the delayed response.

I've been asking around but still haven't learned of any updates. That said, I have confirmed that you can place HTML and inline CSS in Text columns and the styling will render when the table is placed on a live page.

For example, if you place this in a Text cell:

<h1 style="color:red;">This is a heading</h1>

"This is a heading" will appear in large red letters, just not within the HubDB table.