Hubspot Deals API - Filter by View



Currently Hubspot’s deal API is really limited. It only allows you to pull recent deals or all deals. With over 5000 deals(and adding 1000 a month) in our system and a Hubspot limit of 250 deals per API call, it means that we have to paginate 20 times just to get the data we need.

I would like to suggest that Hubspot adds a filter to the get-all-deals api, which allows us to filter by ‘View ID’. This allows us to create the Views/filter in Hubspot and only get the deals we need. This is something we had in pipedrive before and it’s a real pain now that we don’t have it.


@waihonger I think that would be an awesome feature. You should post it to our ideas board where our product team can see the suggestion.


Done! Thanks for pointing me down the right channel.