Hubspot dependent field (state_region) not available half of the time to .js on redirect page


Hubspot form issue.

First of all, 100% of the time, the “state_region” field value is present/populated/required.
It is dependent upon the Country value being “United States”)
I can catch all non-dependent fields on the redirect page with javascript, but not this one dependent field (state_region), not every time. It is present about half of the time, the other half of the time it is not upon Submit to redirect page load time. It is like it takes time to arrive that is later than all other non-dependent fields.

Any guidance regarding late availability of Hubspot forms to .js / AJAX?


Are there any Windows Edge issues with forms and js that anyone is aware of? Browser issues? Mobile?


@thecoolcoder Edge is fully supported. Are you receiving an error when it doesn’t show up? When are you grabbing the values? Are you using one of the callbacks?