Hubspot email tracking and Google email API



The company I'm working for is using your email tracking tool within gmail (Google G Suite).

We plan to send email to our clients from an internal application (with the Google mail API)

We would like to continue to track these mails with Hubspot and to have them inside our gmail sent folders.

Is it possible to send emails with Google API and track them with Hubspot?

I have the feeling that both the Hubspot SMTP API and the single-send API sent emails via HubSpot servers
I'm afraid that it will not populate the emails in the gmail sent folders.


Hi @Boboss,

At this time, it is not possible for HubSpot to track emails sent through Google's API.

As you suspect, emails sent through the Transactional Email APIs will be wrapped with our tracking, but they won't appear in a Gmail Sent folder. Here is a similar topic to which David responded.


Thanks for your answer.

I wonder how the extension email tracking tool deal with it.

By the way, happy birthday @Isaac_Takushi


Thank you for the birthday wishes, @Boboss!

Did you have another question? I'm not sure how to interpret this statement:

I doubt the HubSpot Sales extension for Chrome can add tracking to messages sent through Google's API. To my knowledge, it only applies tracking to manually-sent messages.