Hubspot fails to create Contact after identify and trackPageView


I'm running a very basic script to trace and debug any issues I might have in a bigger implementation, the script is injected with the correct account number, an array is pushed to the _hsq window instance, with the paired identify and value data (email, firstName, lastName), also tried (email, firstname, lastname) but in previous tries firstName and lastName worked.

I've initially reported this issue to Segment, but it looks that it's related exclusively with Hubspot, you can find all the data including screenshots and tests in the following thread (; I'm also sharing the screenshot of the thread here (, couldn't insert directly, given the image dimensions and hubspot forum restrictions), in case there are any issues accessing the site or the thread from your side.

You can also find the Basic Hubspot script here ( this should create a contact 100% of the times, not just once in awhile!

Remember, I've been doing a lot of tests and I'd appreciate if you take the time to check the original thread in Segment or the screenshot I provided; Bare in mind:

  • Tests are incremental (so email address have a number)
  • Cleared cache (not latest Chrome as cache persists, but tried in Firefox, no caching issues)
  • All tests done through localhost dev server, node server
  • Refreshed the Hubspot contact page and also logged out and in
  • Used the search in hubspot contact with part of the keyword and complete keyword, no result
  • Same script previously generated a contact, so Hubspot is not reliable given the basic implementation you can see in the link
  • My account number is 2484981, the same in the script
  • last contact tested

Also tested with firstname and lastname,

Not contact generated!


Hi @punkbit,

Thank you for all the detail! I reviewed the Segment discussion but have been unable to replicate the issue. I implemented your code on my own test page:

and successfully created 20 unique contacts without issue:

In my tests:

  • I implemented the identify method in a Custom HTML module on a HubSpot CMS page.
  • I used 9 emails with the convention
  • I used 11 emails with the convention
  • I loaded the page in an Opera VPN window, clearing the cache and cookies each time.
  • The new contacts appeared in my portal within 1 minute, even faster with refresh.

Did your code stop passing all data, or a certain percentage?


It might be "percentage". If it worked initially and then it stopped working... It's a loop.

After solving what appear to be related with Segment acting as a middleman service, noticed that the basic script you tested, did not work when executed as before; Previously, it created Contact data, but after further tests noticed it fails (I don't know how many times, in terms of percentage, but it should always create a contact or at least throw an error!).

For that reason, I've decided to use the Contact API, since all of this was a huge waste of time; and honestly, don't want to keep trying to figure out what's going on withe the hubspot js library, it's not reliable: based in evidence and other people posts.


Even through the Contact API, just started failing too; this might be lag and the contact will eventually show up, but it's been at least 7 minutes and nothing. I need to make sure, either the contact shows up or I get an error message, Hubspot is not reliable and the contact is lost. Luckily, I'm also pushing the data elsewhere like Mixpanel, etc.

You can see the status 200 and statusText OK, that's from your side! Direct response from your Contact API endpoint.


You can see that there is no Contact for the last 6+ minutes:


backend/node log:

I can't have "partial" results, the result is OK or NOT. That's the problem, I understand that your service fails, but at least pass the correct response so that I can treat failure, have the opportunity to do something about it. Hubspot is not working properly.


Ok the contact is showing up now, passed 15 minutes