HubSpot Field Update vs. SalesForce Validation Rules


Hey there! We're integrating with SalesForce and I'm wondering...

If we have SalesForce updated every time a field in HubSpot is updated, will SalesForce validation rules still apply.

For example, if there is a workflow in HubSpot that automatically moves a contact to Closed-Lost after 30 days, but in SalesForce there is a validation rule that says all contacts in closed lost must have a Lead Rating, will the HubSpot workflow cause the contact to change stages in SalesForce even if Lead Rating isn't populated?


Hi, @taylorfriss. Any logic that prevents a save - whether validation, conflicts with declarative configuration, or thrown errors from test classes in Apex - are all in play for anything the connector syncs over.

This validation applies when HubSpot pushes creates or updates to Salesforce. With the use case you describe, if the HubSpot contact is marked Closed Lost without a Lead Rating, the contact would not sync, and you'd have a line item on your sync errors page, displaying the validation error text. (Similarly-impacted records with the same validation error would also appear on that line.)


Thank you bradmin, extremely helpful!