HubSpot for MVC approach



Is it possible to integrate HubSpot COS for MVC application? For example, HubSpot UI as the View, other platforms as the Model and another for Controller.



according to the c# 6 and .net core you need to use curl (or maybe something else - that was vague). You can use a VS solution for the Web Service API for rest but not for a client.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, best wishes if you can figure it out. Maybe powershell might have a solution. I’m just quoting what I read from the Wrox book

there are some 3rd party tools for ssis for hubspot and for rest from nuget. If you use a rest interface you’ll need to parse the json - there are some json parsers in nuget, too. You might find a .net core solution, but it probably won’t be mvc.

you might be able to get there with powershell