HubSpot Form Calculator Error


There is a calculator on this page >>

which only works on input from two fields.

  1. Industry
  2. Based on Industry, a dependent field opens up.

When using this page for the very first time, the dependent field does not appear, because of which the calculator is not able to produce results on the Thank You Page (next page).

But after the dependent field appears and we change the values, the calculator runs properly.

Can you suggest how we can make the dependent field (of Industry) appear when the page first loads?

We have to find a way to push the value from the dependent field into the calculator.

Rest of the fields on the forms do not impact the calculator. Please note.



hi @dadams will you be able to guide?


Hi @Rajagopalan_C,

Are you still seeing this issue? I’m not able to reproduce it, even in an incognito window. I’m using Chrome on a mac. If you are still seeing this, if you could let us know what browser you are using, we can investigate further.



Hi Zack,

I resolved this. It was a syntax error.


Hi Zack,

I resolved this. It was a syntax error.

Thank you for checking in.

  • Raj