Hubspot form scripts not rednering properly


We are using HubSpot forms on our externally hosted wordpress site. If you go to our homepage, [], and click on "request a demo," you can see the hubspot form that's in there.

The hubspot forms are not displaying correctly at all times. See the attachment, showing when the Hubspot form is loading properly, and also when it is not loading properly. It's been difficult for us to nail down what exactly is causing the form to sporadically load in the wrong spot. We haven't been able to replicate it regularly, so it's a little bit of a guessing game to solve a problem that's only showing up a small fraction of the time and only in random circumstances.

Do you have any insight?


Hi @ccaonavatar,

Happy to help.

This behavior can be resolved by defining a target for the embed code.

For example, if you want a form to render within a div with the form-container class, you would add target: '.form-container' to the embed code. Don't forget to add a comma to the last rule before adding this one.

See this article for a more detailed walkthrough.