Hubspot Forms using API not Working Since Move


We recently moved from Site5 to Godaddy. All of my hubspot forms that used the API are no longer creating contacts. The native hubspot forms that are embedded work fine. The forms using the API no longer create contacts when submitted.

Wondering if there is something that needs to change in my account settings? Everything worked fine until the site was moved.

Error submitting form from API

I am having the same issue, but we did not move our site. The API just stopped working on 1/23. We are getting the error “Failed to load No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘’ is therefore not allowed access.”


Hi @Dominic_Leodoro and @pstoltenberg,

These issues sounds unrelated. @Dominic_Leodoro, can you give me some more details on the forms that aren’t working? Links to the forms (and your Hub ID) would also be appreciated for troubleshooting.

@pstoltenberg that endpoint is a part of the Contacts API, not the Forms API. Can you give me some more information as to how you’re using that API & how that relates to broken forms?


I use the contacts API to pull info into the form on a contact that already exists in Hubspot. Our call center adds additional info then the form updates the contact and creates a related deal.

I only seem to be having issues with the GET functionality on the contacts API. I can PUSH to that API and I can GET from the engagements API.


Hey Derek, here are the details.

On December 19th we moved our website from Site5 to an internal server here at the office. I misspoke in my first post saying godaddy.

In doing so, we noticed the following…Our webforms that use the hubspot API to create contacts in hubspot no longer work. An example of a form that uses the api can be found here:
It’s not a hubspot form, but uses the API to create contacts when a form is submitted.

Also, on the same day, we noticed our automated emails in hubspot have stopped sending for the different workflows we have in place.

Im almost certain this has something to do with moving the site to a new server. Wondering if there are any settings that need to be updated in hubspot. Its too coincidental that it all stopped working the same day the site was moved.

The hubspot embedded forms work just fine. Its the API forms and our workflows that are broken.

Hope this helps


Hi @Dominic_Leodoro,

That sounds strange; in theory, the server sending the form submissions wouldn’t be affected by your website migration. I’m wondering if something changed during the migration that affected the form’s submission to your server? I’m not easily able to troubleshoot the interaction between your website and the server submitting the data to HubSpot since they’re external. Can you send me the raw request data from a failed form submission?