HubSpot Integration for Contacts



Hi, I am looking for a solution for HubSpot Integration for Contacts provided from my vendor. These contacts from my vendor will get pushed to my HubSpot instance weekly automatically. I had contacted HubSpot by email and was informed to get support in this forum. I appreciate who could help me find the solutions for my case. I would like to give more information by email at Thanks!


@bhua Do you have any questions over the integration? You can pass off our docs to whomever is writing your integration.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

I asked for help online through HubSpot Help button with ticked no#665703, and here is the reply from Kevin.

Thank you for contacting HubSpot Support!
This documentation has the steps to access your HubSpot portal’s API key to get started. As for setting up the integration, I would recommend referencing our API documentation, specifically the create or update a contact call or the create or update a group of contacts call if you are looking for a bulk endpoint to reduce the number of calls being made (see API limits documentation here).
As we are not trained to support the API here internally at HubSpot Support, any specific technical questions you have about implementing calls or about responses you are getting from your calls, I would recommend reaching out to our Developers Forum. This forum is moderated by professional developers and HubSpot users who are well-versed in leveraging our APIs and who will be able to provide the fastest, most accurate responses to any queries.

So I went to Developer Forum to get help.

Could I pass my questions and doc to you for help? I can be reached at



@bhua Sure, what are your questions?


I have questions about HubSpot Integration for Report Delivery from our vendor.
Purpose: Report contacts from Vendor will get pushed to our Hubspot instance weekly automatically.
Question: What is the solution / suggestion for the HubSpot Integration Implementation.



@bhua I would build an integration that leverages our Contacts API.

You will have to design what the integration looks like depending on you business needs. When you are ready to push that information from your script to HubSpot I would use the linked API above.