HubSpot integration with Dynamics CRM



We are using HubSpot Intelligence (HubSpot Profile URL + “embed-beta”) to show condensed view of HubSpot data in CRM Iframe.

We have enabled login for Profile URL to test the behavior but after switching back, we have lost the initial behavior and below message is appearing in CRM iframe

“HubSpot settings do not allow access to this page in this context.”

Could you please shed some thoughts on what might have happened in our scenario?

Sai Krishna


Hi @Sai,

I would recommend reaching out to Support for this issue; this is likely an issue with the availability of the public view settings toggle.

Auto authentication like SSO (single sign on)

Hi @Derek_Gervais. I am working with Sai on this issue.
We already contacted HubSpot support who have since renabled the view settings on our account. (Like it was previously as Sai explained. But now we are not getting the Lead intelligence iFrame view. Instead the message above " HubSpot settings do not allow access to this page in this context"


Hi @Mark_Long,

Can you send me a screenshot of the message you’re seeing? I’d like to touch base with product on this.


Hello Derek,

Attached screenshot. Thanks for following up!



Hi @Sai @Derek_Gervais,

Just curious, if you were able to solve this issue? And if yes, what was the cause of this in your case? I am having the same problem with Salesforce (seeing the same error message unless the SF user has system admin rights).


I was able to resolve this error by the following minimum permissions for the HubSpot user.

  • Contacts – View: either “Team only” or “Owned only”
  • Contacts – Workflows: on
  • Marketing – Marketing Access: on
  • at least one of the following options
    • Marketing – Email: Read
    • Marketing – Blog: Read
    • Marketing – Landing pages: Read