Hubspot Integration with Oracle EBS


Hi All, We would have to integrate Oracle EBS with Hubspot. Can you please let me know if it is possible.. If yes, how do I proceed ?

1 . Can I use UTL_HTTP to post to API.HUBAPI.COM?
Any pointers on Integration documentation will be helpful and appreciated.



Hi @Satheeshramaswamy,

I'm not familiar enough with Oracle EBS to give specific recommendations with regard to a potential integration. All of the HubSpot APIs are organized around REST - if you've interacted with a RESTful API already, many of the concepts will be familiar to you. Any client that can make HTTP requests can theoretically interact with the HubSpot API. I'd be happy to answer any specific technical questions you have regarding the HubSpot API going forward; for now, here's a link to our reference docs: