Hubspot integration with payment and booking platform


We are in the process of building an application for a gym that is going to combine charge bee (payments) api, acuity (scheduling) api and Hubspot. One process we are currently working on is directing the client to a landing page where they will fill in a basic account form (hubspot) and then proceed to paying for a trial session (charge bee) and then booking in the trial session (acuity scheduling). Basically there are 3 separate steps which need to flow. What we need to be able to do is flag within the Hubspot CRM whether any of these steps have been missed. So for example a client can fill in the Hubspot form but then not proceed to making payment or booking a session. Similarly a client could sign up and pay for a trial session but not book in. So we want to be able to flag these scenarios in the CRM so we can trigger different emails or sms to be sent out. Any idea how we can build this out so the charge bee and acuity api can interact with the Hubspot CRM?


Hi @samfairweather,

There are a number of ways to track that information in HubSpot; for example, you could create events that track the 'progress' of a contact (i.e. an event for paying and an event for booking). A more simple (but less customizable) solution would be to create a custom contact property that you update when a contact has completed one or more of the steps in question.

I've included some docs on the relevant APIs below; if you have any specific technical questions as you begin implementing a solution, feel free to reach back out in this topic.


Hi Derek, thanks for getting back to me so promptly. I'll go through the documentation attached and speak with our developers. You've been a great help. Sam