Hubspot Intelligence



Hi everyone,

I needed your help to pull in the marketing intelligence from Hubspot using your APIs in to our CRM.

Looking at the resources in the knowledge portal I found this link so I assume this was developed using Hubspot APIs.

Can you please point me to the right direction on how this information can be pulled using Hubspot APIs.


Hi @FC_Integrations,

The HubSpot intelligence object is unique to the HubSpot - Salesforce connector, and wasn’t developed using the publicly available APIs. Our API docs detail the different APIs and the information they can provide; anything not listed in these docs is likely inaccessible through the public APIs.


Thanks, Derek. Can you tell me what information from a contact’s Activity timeline can be pulled using their public APIs?


Hi @FC_Integrations,

In addition to the information included in the response from the contacts API, you can pull any engagements associated with a contact, as detailed here: