Hubspot is adding __hstc= parameter to external urls


We are using React for Server Side rendering.
Hubspot is adding ?__hstc=104275039.d804df69846ddd42e6beb809e499e579.1438824980727.1439163429713.1439166480698.21&__hssc=104275039.1.1439166480698&__hsfp=2721133399 due to this server and client HTML render is different and checksum is not matching.
Can you please help me in solving this issue. This is impacting the benefit of Server side rendering.


Hi @pankajonerent

Those parameters are added by the cross-domain tracking feature of our tracking code. If you’re not using multiple distinct domains for your site (subdomains wouldn’t count, since our cookies are set at the root domain), you can disable that feature from your Reports Settings.