HubSpot | Job Adder API Integration


We are looking to create an API integration between HubSpot and Job Adder. We would like to track everything in one system. Job Adder is primarily used for candidates, and HubSpot is primarily used for companies. We have done some research on LeadsBridge; however, we are not able to segment our list. Is there any other way we can accomplish this?


Hi @TNR,

Could you describe the roadblock you're encountering in more detail? It might help to describe a specific use case where the LeadsBridge integration falls short.

LeadsBridge cites options to add contacts to lists. Once the records are created in HubSpot, you could segment them however you wish.


Absolutely, with LeadsBridge currently it sends multiple emails when the status is changed in Job Adder. We would like to segment the list and only send it once the individual has been placed. Does that help?


Hi @TNR,

A bit. From your description, it sounds like LeadsBridge aggregates updates and syncs them in bulk, while you only wish to sync individual records when they're updated. Is that correct?

I can't speak intimately to the LeadBridge integration's functionality or JobAdder's APIs, but it should be possible to create logic in your app and selectively create contacts with this endpoint.


Thank you for your feedback!


@TNR, We have a recruitment agency client and would love to get 10-15 minutes of your time to discuss your HubSpot+Jobadder process.

Let me know if you'd be up for a google hangout in the near future.