HubSpot lead source & Intercom


Has anyone had any luck getting the Hubpot lead source to transfer over from hubspot_utk for Intercom leads? Here is our setup and what we hope to achieve:

We are passing leads from Intercom to HubSpot by clicking the "create HubSpot contact" button in Intercom. We are also tagging these leads so that we can then run HubSpot workflows off of them. We need to find a way to transfer the following data over to HubSpot when we click "create HubSpot contact":

  1. Lead source from hubspot_utk cookie. Right now everything shows up as offline sources
  2. The tags we placed in Intercom (we'd want to map these to a field in HubSpot).

Any suggestions?


Hi @Dustin,

Apologies for the delayed response. Right off the bat, since Intercom built the integration with HubSpot, their support and help center will be your best resource for specific use cases and feature requests.

That said, I'm happy to speak to the general functionality of HubSpot's APIs:

  1. The Original Source value "Offline Sources" indicates use of the Contacts API, which is common for integrations. While you could pass the hubspot_utk cookie value through as a custom contact property, doing so would not cause the contact to have their Original Source assigned according to these rules. This is because all records which sync through the Contacts API are considered created "outside of your website." The only two ways I know to pass a hutk cookie to a HubSpot contact record in a way that will avoid the "Offline Sources" value is with either the Forms API or the identify method. I can't speak with certainty to whether Intercom supports these options or would allow you to add such customization to their integration, though.
  2. I also can't speak to how these "tags" are structured in Intercom, but if you can get the values into a custom contact property which has the multiple checkboxes field type, that property could certainly be mapped to HubSpot.