HubSpot Leadin WordPress Plugin - wrong Hub ID for Partner Installation




If you're a HubSpot Partner installing the HubSpot Leadin Plugin on your clients WordPress site beware you could end up with the wrong HubSpot Portal ID (Hub ID).

Firstly, check you Plugin's Settings Page to see if you're connected to HubSpot Hub ID.

If the Hub ID is wrong you can either disconnect, and get your client to authorise the plugin.

Or, if you have database access, you can edit the WordPress Options Table (wp_options) and change the leadin_portalId to the correct ID.

Other than that minor bug the plugin is a big improvement on the previous plugin - nice work.

Fishing for Shay with @Shay_Redmond because you're listed on the WordPress Plugin Page.

Let me know if you need any more info.



Thanks for reaching out, @Webalite!

I've modified your post so that Shay is properly tagged.


Thank you @Isaac_Takushi


Thanks for the tag, Mike. It's been a while since I've worked with the team who own our plugin, but I've shared your feedback with them to see if they can make the plugin connection process a little clearer to avoid something like that in the future. Thanks again for the heads up!


Thanks for jumping in, Shay!


Hi @Shay_Redmond

Happy for the team to contact me directly...

Actually, I'd be keen to ask some questions if you can introduce me ;o)