Hubspot Livechat on Google Tag Manager



I have been trying to track Hubspot Livechat on Google Tag Manager (GTM). More specifically people who are coming from Google Ads then click the Livechat.

Is there any way to do that? I asked Hubspot Support, but apparently there is no way to do that from Hubspot.

Thank you in advance.

Tracking on Hubspot chat with Google Tag Manager
Logging chat opens/clicks through GTM, GA

Hi @yudhi.hamzah,

While it's not possible to track clicks to open the live chat widget in HubSpot, there may be a way in Google Tag Manager.

Most of the live chat modal is loaded through an iframe, so its elements can't be tracked through GTM. The iframe exists within a div with the id hubspot-messages-iframe-container, however, so you may be able to create a click trigger with that id. See below.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi it still don't work. There is "hubspot-messages-iframe-container" ID in my HTML but somehow the trigger is not fired.

I think the click is happening in the iframe. That is why I can't recognize the action (click).


Thanks for the update, @yudhi.hamzah,

In that case, I don't know of a way to track clicks which open the live chat widget. hubspot-messages-iframe-container is one of the few div elements outside the iframe.

I certainly see value in tracking custom interactions with the live chat tool, however. I recommend upvoting and commenting on this HubSpot Community Idea and any other topics which match your use case to help them become realities.

This information is sent directly to our Product team and helps prioritize feature requests that have the greatest impact on our customers. I’ve already upvoted the idea and will also do my part and pass your feedback along through internal channels.