HubSpot messing up goal tracking in Google Analytics (WordPress CMS)


We’re having trouble setting up goal tracking based on destination HTML in GA (not event-based).

The destination thank-you page is fix, however when a prospect submits a HS form, HS appends tracking parameters to the URL of the thank you page. HS appends “?submissionGuid=***” to the URI.

In the goal tracking section in GA, we have tried creating a regex expression to take HS’s parameters into account, with no success (see below)

We use Wordpress as our CMS. Our set isn’t special in anyway, we just have a GA plugin in WP that tracks our pages, and we embed code from HS for the forms.

Thank you for your help.

Nathanael B.
Head of Marketing at

Regex expression

Examples of URL it should match





Were you able to figure this out? I’m having the same exact problem.

I originally had the GA goal URL set to exact, but changed to “begins with” just now and not sure if that will totally fix the problem or not.


This is what worked for me. Thank you @Ryan_Litwiller for getting me on the right track. I’m using Hubspot CMS but it should be the same for Wordpress.

  1. Get the URL for the Thank You Page https://www.{yourpage}.com/thank-you?submissionGuid={blah}
  2. All you want is the /thank-you
  3. Select the “Begins With” option on the Goal Details section
  4. Look for the “Verify this Goal” above the “Save” button and verify your page.

Note: this answer is based on the google analytics as of 9/5/2017.