Hubspot not updating


We are working with to bring data into hubspot.
from some reason few of the API requests for Update user info dont pass and we are missing crucial data.

is there a way to understand where is the problem?


Hi @Eyal_Sadeh,

I would recommend starting by reaching out to Segment support for some more information. If you have specific examples of information being sent from Segment to HubSpot, but not appearing correctly in your portal, then post those request details here and I can take a closer look.


We checked this with them and with other service (intercom) that gets the same info and looks like it’s working well their. We believe that the problem is on your end.
Do you have any logs of these API requests so we could see the input u r getting.



Hi @Eyal_Sadeh,

I’ll need to see the requests that are being made to HubSpot in order to troubleshoot. Can you send me the request URL and body of the request that didn’t successfully make it into your HubSpot portal?


We are running through the request is this:

userId: ‘8qv0H9Sb2STfbQZpcXysYQTYXXx2’,
traits: {
annualrevenue: ‘’,
city: ‘Portland’,
companyRaised: 5550000,
email: ‘’,
employees: ‘San Francisco, CA 94115, USA’,
familyName: ‘’,
jobTitle: ‘Software Engineer’,
linkedinHandle: ‘in/egle-libby’,
name: ‘Egle Libby’,
numemployees: 41,
seniority: ‘’,
twitterBio: ‘’,
twitterFollowers: ‘’,
twitterHandle: ‘’,
webSite: ‘’,
webSitedomain: ‘


Hi @Miki_Lallouz,

From the Segment docs:

Hubspot doesn’t accept plain identity information - traits are attached to and passed along with your next Segment page or track event. Traits also won’t persist across pages given how Hubspot’s Javascript is structured, so if you call identify, you must call page or track at least once on the same page in order to flush your data to Hubspot.

Are you calling page or track on the same page?


we have tried calling page(“home”) right after the identify call but it didnt do any difference.


Hi @Miki_Lallouz,

If a HubSpot Identify method is being called, and a HubSpot trackPageView is being called after, the activity should be updating in HubSpot. I can’t speak to the functionality of the corresponding Segment methods, but one way you could test this is by adding the native HubSpot methods to your page. These methods are:

_hsq.push(["identify", { {identity details} }]); See here
_hsq.push(['trackPageView']); See here

That should correctly identify visitors and push the relevant information into HubSpot. For help troubleshooting the Segment methods, you’ll need to contact support directly, since these handle loading the HubSpot tracking script and calling the relevant methods.


Hello Derek,
we have decided to try and implement our own direct identify to hubspot.
for that, we are using node-hubspot-api
we trying to invoke api.contacts.updateContactByEmail
but getting:

Property values were not valid

Error: Property values were not valid
at module.exports
at …\node_modules\node-hubspot-api\dist\endpoints\contacts.js:97:43
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:109:7)

please help, is there a way to know which fields are causing this?


Hi @Miki_Lallouz,

I’m not entirely familiar with that node API wrapper, but I would try making the same exact request without using the wrapper. That should give you some more information on which fields are causing the error. You’ll also want to make sure you’re using the API key from your test or production Marketing/CRM, not your developer portal.