HubSpot Plugin: Error connecting to API - 404


I have 2 websites, one that has WordPress 4.6, and one that has the previous previous to that. Both are giving me the 404 error in my title. I tested out forms on our site and don’t see any issues with it, but the error wasn’t there yesterday.
Is there any issues this could be giving me that I’m not aware of? I don’t have any updates for the HubSpot plugin either.


Hi @Oregon_Hot_Tub

This was a temporary issue that should be resolved at this point, but if you’re still seeing that error let me know. That error is only related to a check that the dashboard does to make sure it can connect to the HubSpot APIs, so it won’t affect most of the plugin functionality outside of that check.

Also, that version of the plugin has been deprecated and is no longer being maintained. Depending on which functionality you’re using, you may want to take a look at updating to the new plugin:


Thank you! I no longer see the error, and will make the switch to the new plug-in.