HubSpot pulling wrong data


My client ( is providing services to the businesses who want to grow their follower base on Twitter. The website needs the contacts to link their Twitter accounts with the system, and also perform a few steps before the set up is finished.
There are many accounts where the data pulled by the system from the Twitter accounts - no of followers, company name and in some cases, action date - comes incorrect. Have noticed this problem with many contacts.
Why does this happen?


Hi @Ri_Pa,

This forum is dedicated to questions/issues related to the HubSpot API; for this topic, I'd recommend reaching out to out to our Support team, who can help with any question/issue related to the HubSpot app & functionality. You can contact them by clicking on the 'Help' widget at the bottom right corner of your portal, or by calling 1 888-482-7768 x3.