Hubspot Repeater Fields


Hi guys

I am looking for a replacement to the deprecated repeater field:

I am developing a template where a user could add as many sections of content (each containing a title, subtitle and paragraph). The sections would be displayed in one long list. There will also be a sidebar that functions as an index of sorts, a list of clickable titles that would scroll the user to the relevant section when clicked.

For this reason the sections of content would need to all be part of the same custom module.

How could I go about defining a set of fields for a custom module, in such a way that the user could add as many of these sets as they would need?



Hi @MikeyWallis,

Would it be possible to create a custom module for a single section of content, and then add a flexible column to the template? This would enable users to add as many of the section modules as they would like.