Hubspot response with eventId attribute


We have integrated Hubspot single send api in our application to send transactional emails.

Recently found (from April 6th 2017) that single send api is returning extra attribute ‘eventId’ for sendResult=‘SENT’ response. Earlier to April 6th ‘eventId’ attribute was not there in response. The new attribute is not recognized in our application and its breaking.

Please revert the hubspot single send api response so that eventId attribute is not sent when sendResult=‘SENT’

#2 I am really sorry that we caused a hitch in your application. We will not be reverting our end point to a previous state. HubSpot is always trying to improve our endpoint to create a better developer’s experience. Please have a look over our docs that will tell you exactly what to expect in the response payload.


Change in the response payload will be common to all account or specific to an account?. How are these changes in response payload communicated to an account?

#4 We announce any large breaking changes on here.