Hubspot salesforce integration issue



Client has Salesforce + HubSpot integrated w/ one source of truth on the SF side
the account primary key field data is defined on the "household " physical address in SF

husband and wife as “child” share the same personal email
that means when integrated to HubSpot we have 2 issues:
Household as a company can not be defined > we have no domain addresses for it- How can we convert a household to a “company”??
Husband and wife can not share the same email> since in HS everything is built around the primary : email address
What do you suggest? How can we create “husband” and “wife” as two contacts associated with that household??


Hi @SaadM,

Email address is used as a unique identifier for HubSpot contacts, so integrating with a Salesforce instance that has leads/contacts with the same email address might cause sync issues. Similarly, the company/account sync may not function correctly that doesn’t have a unique company domain/website. For questions specific to the HubSpot <-> Salesforce connector, I would recommend reaching out to our Support team by clicking on the ‘Help’ widget in your portal or by calling 1 888-482-7768 x3.