Hubspot script loader JS isn't minified


We have this script loading on our website ->
I noticed it isn't minified. Any reason for not minifying at Hubspot's end?


Hi @chinchang,

Do you have a link to a page that this script is loading unminified? I believe the minified version should be loading, but I'd have to take a closer look to know for sure.


@Derek_Gervais Sure. This is the page ->


Hi @chinchang,

From what I can tell, that particular script isn't minified on our end at all. It's a small script that just loads other minified scripts, so I don't believe it has any noticeable effect on page load. I'll mention it to the team to see if they can add minifying it to their roadmap.


Would you please go ahead and minify this script? A lot of SEO tools flag it as an issue, and they flag it on every page in the website.

Yes, it really has a trivial impact on load time, but it's also trivial for you guys to minify it.