Hubspot show wrong dates


Hi, i'm trying to create a list sending a post request to "contacts/v1/lists/" form my web application, the list has 3 filters, one of them is with dates, uses the operator between, when i send the dates 2019/12/01 05:00:00 (1575176400000) and 2019/12/31 05:00:00 (1577768400000) hubspot shows wrong data in the web page, I attach a few images with the send data, a get request to "contacts/v1/lists/", and the miliseconds date converted in a epoch converter "". I'm testing that function on a developer account, with that error i can't use on production account


Hi @Pedro_Reyes,

Can you send me a link/links to an example contact/contacts that you're seeing this issue with so that I can take a closer look?


Hi @Derek_Gervais, look this is the list , making a get request to the API return two values, highValue = 1577768400000 and value = 1575176400000


Hi @Pedro_Reyes,

I'm seeing different values internally for that filter. The values I see when making a get request are 1577772000000 and 1575180000000, not the values you're describing (i.e. 1577768400000 and 1575176400000) I can also see a number of changes in that lists's history; it appears the list was created with the correct timestamps on April 19th, but was update on April 25th (and a few times after that). Are you sure the list wasn't changed in-app, or by subsequent API calls?

Also, out of curiosity; is that property the HubSpot default 'Create date' property? That property is read-only, and set automatically by HubSpot when a contact record is created. It's not possible to set that property via the API, so it's impossible that there are contact records that have a 'Create date' between 11/30/2019 and 12/30/2019 since those dates are in the future.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

I'm using future dates because the function works in a cron job and i need to know if works fine, the field Create date is only used to filter contacts in a list, the request that i'm doing only create lists in hubspot with a date filter. Few days ago i receive an answer from support in a ticket that i registered in my developer account, the solution is change the format in the dates, i was using Y-m-d 05:00:00, they recommended use Y-m-d 06:00:00 and works good.