Hubspot SSL has expired and I need Hubspot to Renew it. How do I get this done?


The Hubspot SSL Certificate for the URL expired on 7-6-2016. Any of our customers whose browser settings do not allow mixed content (secure and insecure) are not getting this script loaded. Even worse, they could be getting warning messages from their browsers that the page is insecure.

Obviously if the script doesn’t load due to the above reason, the contact does not get created in Hubspot.

What’s the fastest way to get Hubspot to renew the SSL for this domain? I have also contacted the Help desk, but they can only help with COS content and directed me to post in this forum.

Thank you.



Hey Steve,

Sorry you’ve had trouble getting this resolved. I flagged this for the team that owns HubSpot SSL and they are looking into it – you should hear from someone soon!