Hubspot tabs not getting together in the mobile view


Hi, there are 2 tabs and I want them to get together(stacked) all the time in the mobile view. I am attaching the screenshot of the result. Here is the preview link:



@Connor_Barley Could you please look into this.


Hey, @Abhishek_Sharma.

My colleague and I weren't able to resolve some issues with the code which prevented stacking and the "Paid annualy" tab from showing on mobile, so we modified this template to include two new modules which work properly.

The buttons won't stack, but they are responsive and do filter the results properly. There are new blank cells which can be filled in with the relevant information. We've left the old Act2 tabs on the page for reference.


@Isaac_Takushi thank you so much for the help. Just one thing how to remove this section from the cards, I can't see that content in the module you have made and some of the pricing has /mo but some cards has not. PFA for the section


@Isaac_Takushi Sorry for the above comment, It's sorted now. Just one thing, It's really looking amazing on the big screen and mobile but it's not stacking up in the I-pad resolution. Could you tell me where to look for this?


Sorted @Isaac_Takushi. Thanks !


Glad to hear it, @Abhishek_Sharma!