Hubspot Timeline API - how to update one event for lots of contacts?



I have gotten fully to grips with the Timeline API and am confident that this is the right solution to display what I need to display in the timelines of the contacts in this instance.
However. It would appear, from the documentation, that it’s only possible to update one contact at a time. I can see that it’s possible to update one contact with lots of events at once, but not lots of contacts with one event.
Is there any way that this can be done via the API? I have lots of contacts to update with this event.


Hi @Eve,

You can create multiple events for multiple contacts using the ‘Create or update a group of events’ endpoint (see below). You’ll want to add multiple events with the same id and different objectId to create the same event and associate them with a number of different contacts.


aha! Thanks, I did try this endpoint but it kept giving me an error - but will try using a different objectId and will see how that goes for me.


Hi Derek, just to update you on this, this worked for me!
I think my issue with it not working before was because I had the same ID, but I couldn't figure out which ID needed to be different, if that makes sense.

Many thanks for the help!