Hubspot Tracking Code and Discourse Forum Localization Bug


I was hoping someone could help to solve a sudden bug we had on our support forum. Essentially our Hubspot tracking code was breaking the discourse forum code on our support site here for creating localization for different languages. It was preventing the correct content being loaded into the website.

We have temporarily removed the tracking code to fix the issue.


Hi @Brendan_Playford

Can you provide any more details for this? Where you seeing any specific errors during the page load that indicated a problem with the tracking code?


Hi @dadams, I was having the same problem with the Hubspot tracking code in my company’s forum.

Right after the script finished loading, all the text in the website started to look like [missing translation …] instead of showing the desired message.

On the page load there wasn’t any errors in the console before Hubspot tracking code finished loading, then a lot of “missing translation…” warning started appearing, too.

We took out the Hubspot script from the forum, and everything is back to normal and working as expected.

Hope this helps and if you need a bit more detailed information feel free to send me a direct message or reply to me in this thread.