Hubspot tracking code slowdowns




Recently I have noticed that the Hubspot tracking code is being loaded in very slow. I notice this with the forms loading slowly as well as a increase in total page load times. The V2-legacy.js sometimes takes up to 2 seconds to load on our webpages. (our main operations is in the EU.)

Now to me it seems that this script is not being served via CDN. Is there a way for this to be verified? If this is the case, what are some measure I can take to load this faster can I:

  • Can I host the script myself?
  • Can I cache this script for x amount of time?
  • Can the script be served over CDN?

Looking forward to some replies about this.


Hi @Stavtastic,

Issues with the tracking code should be handled by HubSpot Support; you can reach out to them by phone at 1 888-482-7768 x3, or by email by clicking the ‘Help’ widget in-app.