HubSpot Tracking Cookies


My Business Team has asked if there is a way to implement HubSpot Tracking Cookies from our company website.
Is this a possibility?
If so, please direct to a sample process.
Thank you.


@AEarly the HubSpot tracking code attaches the cookie to a client’s browser. You can find instructions for embedding the tracking code on your website here.

If you are using HubSpot forms the cookie will be passed through the form submission automatically, if you are using a custom form you will need to pass the hutk through the forms submission inside of the hs_context JSON. You can find more info about using our forms api here.



Thank you. Will review.


Can you give instructions of matching the tracking code in the cookie to our contacts we have created in HubSpot for our Marketing team?


Sorry. Newbie here. I think what I am asking for is SSO, and from what I have read, this has been requested by others but is not available yet.


@AEarly, that’s correct SSO is not currently available. We’re definitely aware of the demand and will work on it hopefully sometime this year, but I don’t have a specific ETA.