Hubspot Tracking for logged-in users (on Wordpress)



Despite it may not look to be the place, I come here to ask a question as advised by Hubspot’s support.

Here is my question: on a Wordpress blog using the Hubspot/WP plugin, if the same user is logged-in from 2 different IP address / cookies, will it be recognized as the same contact and get all his website acitivity into one place?
Use case:

  • user Bob register on Wordpress with IP ABC
  • zapier creates a contact inside Hubspot using registration information
  • user Bob log-in on Wordpress with IP XYZ
    —> are the 2 sessions going to be recorded in the history of contact “Bob”?
    —> what if IP ABC was an IP used by other user for registration?



Hi @Adrien_Jorge

HubSpot doesn’t track contacts by IP, only by the hubspotutk cookie created by our tracking code. It is possible to have multiple cookies associated with the same contact record in HubSpot, but you’d need to have some event that associates both of the cookies to the same contact. If you’re using HubSpot forms or the Forms API, and the contact fills out forms on two different systems, both cookies would get associated to the same contact by email, so you’d get the history for both cookies in the same record.



Thanks for your answer.

Using Hubspot forms for log-in is not an option, for obvious reasons.
Using API is not an option: (1) one because we don’t have the resource for that at this stage and (2) because I guess it requires event tracking while we are small early-stage startup running on the Pro plan. Correct me if I am wrong.

Would you see another option?

What about the following:
1/ Get a webhook to fire on each successful login
2/ Get a Zap in Zapier triggered by this webhook and get this zap to create fill a “hidden” hubspot “login” form

–> would that work?



@Adrien_Jorge you would still be able to use the Forms API for this on the Pro marketing plan. The way this would work is that you would keep your existing login form and send the relevant marketing data to HubSpot in addition to whatever process the form already has.

I don’t believe you can do this using Zapier, as I don’t think they support the hutk cookie that you’d need to have to associate the analytics data with the contact.