Hubspot Workflow Sending Too Many Requests to Webhook in Workflow


I have an webhook that a workflow triggers to update a date property based on a string in a URL param and then the workflow passes the content on in the workflow.

The issue I’m running into: We have currently 11,000 contacts (with plans to use this endpoint with even more contacts) in the list, and when the contacts hit the webhook HS sends what looks like a ton of requests to the endpoint resulting in a large amount of requests returning with a 429 error.

Currently trying to fine tune our server to take on the amount of concurrent requests, but wondered if another dev/sysadmin has run into this issue or if maybe there is some little workaround for at least throttling the amount of requests being sent to the webhook?

Currently using a load balancer with two Apache servers on Digital Ocean to distribute the traffic and both servers are still getting pummeled returning 429 errors–with major considerations for rolling out an NGINX server instead.

Any help would be fantastic and super appreciated! Thanks!


Ah geez. Figured this out for myself, so anyone with a similar tech stack here is what happened:

I am building endpoints using Laravel’s API routes, what I did not realize is that Laravel has an API limiter out of the box (go figure, I love this framework.) Have not built an API with Laravel that required the editing of the limiter so this stumped me for a bit.

If you run into this problem and you’re using Laravel: You can adjust the API rate limiter in app->Http->Kernal.php under the middleware groups. This can also be tied into route closures, it looks like, so then you can rate limit different routes in your API. Just happy to get this thing rolling.

Hopefully this facepalm moment is of some help to someone else out there :smiley: