Hubspot <> Zapier - New Deal in Stage issues


Hi there,

I've just recently started using Zapier with their 'New Deal in Stage' action to let the rest of our team know about the status of new deals via Slack. It works most of the time, but occasionally (like last night) there's a handful of OLD deals that end up being returned by Hubspot's API. None of these deals had been touched, however when looking at the responses from Hubspot in Zapier I do see the following element with a timestamp of last night.

timestamp: 1534481387513
name: hs_lastmodifieddate
value: 1534481387513

The questions I have now are:

  1. Why did Hubspot touch this deal last night ?
  2. The deal did not move from one stage to the other, so why is it being sent to Zapier.



Still having issues with this. Can I get some help from Hubspot here please ?


Hi @BenH,

Can you give me your Hub ID so that I can take a closer look?


Hi @Derek_Gervais

Sure - 509488


I'm having the same issue @BenH. Have you got a workaround?

This is what HubSpot have responded to me with:
* What seems to have happened is that the Zapier integration was installed between the time the deal "Deal Name" was closed and the deal was last updated via the last activity date. Essentially the deal would not have been recognized as closed won.

* The reason the deal was updated was because of an engagement "Client needs some love!" on 7/9/2018 which triggered an activity.

* As a result, this Deal was not able to trigger the Zap until it was modified on 7/9/2018. Since Zapier did not recognize this Deal, the Zap treated this as a new Deal.

I have spoken to our Dev team and they advised that they are aware of this issue and working on a fix. However, as this is quite complex in regards to the interactions on our backend it's going to take some time.

the integration/tool is working as designed. However, in this case the trigger is firing on any messages it gets from the CRM and doesn't check to see if there was an event (closed won) that occurred before the trigger was created. Essentially, this would be an entire feature change which would have to be implemented in a way that does not effect the integration overall. As this is currently being worked on I have been informed that it will take some time.


Hi @MeganV

Seems you ended up getting a more detailed response from Hubspot than I did. Unfortunately what they've said is definitely incorrect in my case - my Zapier integration has been around for a while now.

I don't have solid proof yet, but in many cases there have been 'tasks' set on the lead/company by our customer success team. That could be what is updating the 'last activity date' - although it still should not trigger my Zap as the deal has not moved to a new stage.


@Derek_Gervais Any update for us here ?


Hi @BenH,

Thanks for your patience here, this thread fell off my radar. Can we start by taking a look at a specific deal that was recently sent via Zapier despite not moving between stages?


Hi @Derek_Gervais

I'd prefer not giving out my customer and deal details in a public forum. However in the interest of getting this addressed ASAP you can take a look at a deal that was sent to Zapier at 00:40 CET today. The deal is already closed won but for some reason got sent to Zapier last night.

If you require further information specific to our account could we take this conversation private until we have a solution ?



@Derek_Gervais Hi Derek - any updates for me here ?



I've been waiting a long time for a response here. My Slack channel is filled with deals on a regular basis that have not changed stage - and there's no way from my end that I can see why this is happening. As you've seen from another user on this thread, I'm not the only one to face this issue.

I find it ridiculous that there is no SLA for response times on API issues. If you offer an API, you should be able to support it for your clients.

Can I get an answer/fix/response here ?