"Hubspotutk" cookie not found



My client is implementing HubSpot Form API to push form submission data from their form hosted outside of hubspot into HubSpot. They seem to have hit a bump, here’s the question they have, can anyone help us with this please?

im not seeing the “hubspotutk” cookie. this is what “document.cookie” looks like on our site:

fs_intercom=5758031350464512:5639274879778816; fs_uid=www.fullstory.comK0X85758031350464512:5639274879778816; intercom-id-kvu24qht=276c2b1a-2aa5-457a-92ef-0b665578c969

tracking code looks ok, anybody have any ideas?



Hi @marketheed

Is there a page that we could look at for this? That cookie should be created by the tracking code on page load, so if it’s not there something may be interfering with our tracking code, and seeing an actual page where this is happening would help us track that down.


Hi @dadams,

The page is boost.bitfusion.io


I’m not seeing any problems with the tracking code on that page, and in fact on my system I’m seeing the hubspotutk cookie when the page finishes loading, along with a number of other cookies that aren’t in your original post.

Are you checking that manually in the browser developer console or through some other method? If you were checking using JavaScript on the page, you’d need to wait for the page to finish loading, since our tracking code doesn’t fire till the page onload function fires.