Hyperlink in Timeline Event App Detail Template



I built a rudimentary app that adds an event to a contact timeline if we send them a postcard. I've got a URL to an image of that piece of mail that I'd like to make a hyperlink when someone clicks on the "Details" to see the detail of the timeline event.

Right now my app detail template is this:

Visit {{postcard-image}} to view the postcard.

postcard-image is the URL to the image. Any way I can make that a clickable hyperlink that opens that link?


Hi @Chadr, yes, this is absolutely possible. If you're looking to add a hyperlink you can include it by formatting your url like this:

[ {{postcard-image}} ] ( {{postcard-image}} )

I added spaces so you can see it a bit better but you don't need those there. Should work for you as I just tested it with my own timeline event!

EDIT: For clarification, this would be done in your App event type here: https://app.hubspot.com/developer/DEVPORTALID/application/APPID/event-types/EVENTTYPEID


That works - thanks!