I am submitting form data using apis, But not able to track that user came from specific facebook ad



We are running ads campaign and redirecting traffic to our website, I am using apis to send data to hubspot forms. But i am not able to check that whether user is of generic website traffic or cam from facebook ad. Can anybody please help? Thanks


Hi @alihussnain,

Happy to help. Are you using tracking URLs or the HubSpot ads add-on to track your Facebook ads?

If you are using either, make sure to pass the visitor's cookie token value in the hutk parameter through the Forms API. As noted here: "The hutk parameter is used to associate analytics data with your contacts. Without this, page views and the original source will not be populated."

If the visitor came from a Facebook ad, they should have some tracking parameters in their First page seen URL (e.g. utm_medium=paidsocial&utm_source=facebook). The tracking code picks up these parameters and includes them in the visitor's page view history. If the visitor converts on a form and the Forms API passes the hutk cookie token value, then these parameters help bucket the contact according to the rules in this article's table.