I cannot find my application id for my main domain (DO NOT RUSH TO ANSWER)


I have a developer account with which I have created applications, and I of course can find the application ids for those.

But the main thing I am here for is the domain from which my company send newsletters via HubSpot.

And god as my witness, when i am switched to that domain, the only pages available are marketing pages, none of which have even the slightest hint of being developer-related,

Especially confounding is that none of the applications i create have any knowledge of the domain I am trying use the API to code against.

I was able to create the HAPIkey from the Integrations screen, i of course have my hub id, and my user id. But the Application ID is nowhere to be found.

Our account is Enterprise, and my permissions are set to “Super Admin”

Any/all assistance appreciated



Hi @KenEhrman,

Marketing/CRM portals and developer portals are completely distinct, and don’t have access to the same tools. There is no app id associated with production Marketing/CRM portals; an app id is only associated with a particular app you create in your developer portal. Once you create an app, you have to install it to your production Marketing/CRM portal via the steps below:


Thanks for the link, but the really important answer you gave me was the separation of marketing and applications. It might be nice if your product’s documentation had made that clear.

And yet, I’ve got about 30 hours tied up with this product, and I have yet to get a single useful thing done via the API

Initiate an Integration with Oauth 2.0
SECRET SAUCE :: don’t require anything but contacts+content+reports, make everything optional, and don’t include HubDb or Transactional Emails if you don’t have them.


Once I got the unicorn code, i had to battle getting the
Get OAuth 2.0 Access Token and Refresh Tokens
SECRET SAUCE: Do everything quickly before the unicorn code loses its magic

NOW, my app shows up in the integrations list as it is supposed to.

I put in a request for a list of my campaigns, and everything on that list has App ID 113.

All these half-answers are killing me, but I guess you guys are swamped. The documentation looks pretty, but if i’m honest, it’s really shallow.

anyway i’m including these links because enough of the half-answers in them cobbled together got me at least to this point.

I also referenced