I have been facing error named "hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration. Please contact the integrator."



I have started to face this issue with all my Hub-ID's which worked a month back with the same scopes.


Hi @devpartner,

Can you give me an example Hub ID and the scopes you're requesting?


Hub ID - 2229678 and an example of Scope would be for Basic OAuth Functionality and Read from Business Intelligence API along with having "Read from and write to my": Contacts, Forms, Social, Content, and Reports enabled


Hi @Derek_Gervais

Do you have any suggestions on this one?


Hi @devpartner,

I can see all of the scopes you're mentioning checked off in your app, but the portal that I actually need is a test/production Marketing/CRM portal that you're unable to install the integration to. It's likely that the portals experiencing this issue don't have access to the appropriate tools; for example, you'd see this error if you tried installing your app to a Free Marketing/CRM portal, since it requires scopes that those portals don't have access to )e.g. social, content).